BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – If the effects from the dark and often unknown history of Thanksgiving is something that you don’t want on your plate this year, break the tradition by substituting certain ingredients in the Thanksgiving dinner.

“It’s really morbid and sad,” said Ginny Hanson, who is celebrating the holiday with a vegan feast.  “So, it’s good to not have that on your conscience and your plate.”

Eating with your palette and your conscience, that’s the idea of over 140 Bakersfield families who wish to ‘decolonize’ this year’s traditional Thanksgiving dinner by turning to Vida Vegan Eatery for their annual feast.

“People do it for ethical reasons,” said Mao Granada, co-owner of Vida Vegan. “Others for religion, others for climate change, and others for health reasons.”

It’s a way to revolutionize eating, by bringing conscience to the effects of our own consumption on our bodies and our environment. Granada credits the diets of ancestors in Latin America who inspired dishes served at Vida Vegan like their vegan chili.

“In the diets of our ancestors the animal proteins were very minimal,” said Granada.  “We had so many kinds of beans and vegetables.”

Hanson’s family is one of those hundreds of families that turn to Vida Vegan for vegan meals year-round that not only fill their stomachs but that also help with ailments.

 “I had really bad stomach aches,” said Hanson.  “Cutting out all animal products really helped me, I then found out all about the animal rights part of this and realized ‘oh this is evil’ also.”

Granada is amazed at the number of meals that were ordered this year from his eatery, but he’s more amazed at the action of these families to ‘do something else, something different.

 If compromising on the flavors is what you’re worried about, Granada says ‘there is a way to not comprise ‘flavor’ or ‘texture’.

“Instead of using cow’s milk, we use oat milk or soy milk,” said Granada.  “Instead of using cheese, we make our own cheese using cashews.”

There are many ways you can consider to ‘decolonize’ your Thanksgiving:

In the end, it’s conscious consumption that will benefit our families and our world.

“Injustice is injustice,” said Granada.  “wrong is wrong and at one point you have to take a stand.”