BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Governor Newsom called for all hands on deck in advance of this storm Wednesday declaring a state of emergency to mobilize emergency resources.

The storm isn’t bringing just rain and wind. With it comes a warning. Stay home, don’t drive unless you absolutely have to. This storm is going to be a bad one and Governor Newsome has already taken action.

“We anticipate that this might be one of the most challenging and impactful storms to touch down in California over the last five years,” Nancy Ward the director of the California Office of Emergency Services said.

Ward said this storm shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“If the storm materializes like how we anticipate we can expect to see wide spread flooding, mud slides and power outages in many communities,” Ward said.

That warning directed towards everyone including us here in Kern.

“When you talk about those strong winds like that, you’re talking about knocking trees over, power lines, heavy rock slides in the canyon here locally and it can be very hazardous and prevent you from where you need to go,” California Highway Patrol Officer Tomas Martinez said.

PG&E also has been preparing for the storm. It’s reinforced power lines and has all hands on deck to get through the dangerous storm.

“Throughout our service areas we are pre staging poles, transformers, power lines that are often damaged during storms so this way we have everything ready to go,” Megan McFarland a spokesperson for PG&E said. “When weather clears our crews will have easy access and they’re out there getting power back on for customers. We have over 3,000 PG&E workers supporting our storm response. We’re ready and have been prepared for this storm to help our customers.”

If you see a downed power line don’t go near it. Instead call PG&E through their emergency line at 327-7111.

“If it’s not an emergency that you have to be right this instant we’re recommending that you probably hold off a bit longer just for this weekend,” Martinez said. “There’s definitely no rush. It’s just a storm. You don’t know when it’s going to end. We don’t know how long it’s going to go. The smartest and safest thing to do is wait it out. Just wait another day or wait until it calms down but you’re not going to be able to predict a storm.”