Election Day is over but three individuals are facing charges of voter fraud.

The Kern County District Attorney’s office charged 28-year-old John Gerald Byrne, 29-year-old Gilberto De La Torre and 68-year-old Fernando Osorio.

According to court documents, when Byrne was confronted with the information, he said he “might have signed it” and “accidentally mailed it back in” referring to his ballot.

According to the investigator’s report, Gilberto De La Torre stated it wasn’t his intention to commit fraud but joked at one point with his sister that they both send in their mail-in ballot because he needed 30 votes to run for mayor.

Court documents say De La Torre told investigators he would take full responsibility for the fraud.

Investigators say Fernando Osorio claimed he was not a United States citizen on a jury summons questionnaire, but he turned his voter registration and signed it affirming he as a citizen.

The DA’s office says a misdemeanor conviction on a charge of this type can result in a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.