A Tehachapi man was arrested and a councilman walked out during Monday’s city council meeting.

Clint Davies was arrested after going over his two minutes and refusing to leave the podium and sit, police said.

Davies’ actions impeded the orderly conduct of the council meeting and prevented the council from accomplishing its business in a reasonably efficient manner, according to Tehachapi Community Engagement Specialist Key Budge. Davies was arrested on suspicion of disrupting a public meeting and public intoxication.

Shortly before the arrest of Davies, City Councilman Kenneth Hetge noticed City Attorney Tom Schroeter giving input regarding the incident. “Mr. Schroeder I don’t believe you as a city attorney should be saying anything regarding this. This should be coming through the chair, that’s the point of order,” said Hetge.

The City Attorney’s job at the meetings is to ensure that the city council is running correctly and not breaking laws, not interjecting himself where he shouldn’t, said Hetge.

Shortly after exchanging words with the city attorney, Hetge excused himself from the meeting and left the room.

“People of the city are not being able to communicate.That three-minute rule can go right out the window, it is unacceptable to have a three-minute window on someone who is trying to make a point,” said Hetge. “In my opinion, my fellow council members have failed to recognize that they work for the public and not the city manager nor the city attorney.”