Controversies continue to roil Fourth District Supervisorial race

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Controversies continue to roil the fourth district supervisorial race.

Friday,  a lawyer accused Supervisor David Couch’s team of fraud in challenging Emilio Huerta’s residence. 

It all started when Delano Councilman Joe Aguirre sent people to find out if Emilio Huerta really did live in Delano, where he said he did. According to Aguirre, six neighbors claimed he didn’t. Huerta’s team also launched an investigation. According to them, these people were lied to and mislead to answering incorrectly. 

Emilio Huerta announced his candidacy for the fourth district board of supervisor’s seat on December 3.

A month later Aguirre asked a judge to kick Huerta off the ballot. That councilman said Huerta didn’t really live in Delano.

The county elections code requires a candidate to live in the district they would serve if elected.

In the documents submitted to court by Delano Councilmember Aguirre, six declarations from neighbors living in that neighborhood were also included. The neighbors claimed Huerta did not live in the area. 

“What they said originally was not what was meant,” said Joel Andreesen, Huerta’s attorney.

Andreesen says Delano residents who said they never saw Huerta there were mislead by people working for Aguirre. He says Huerta’s Delano neighbors did not know what he was agreeing to or signing. 

Andreesen and his team are now asking the district attorney to investigate Supervisor David Couch and Aguirre.

“The documents they submitted were fraudulent, so they should not be treated any differently than any other person who engages in criminal conduct like this,” said Andreesen. “What happens here falls under penal code section 134 and that section is a felony. Under the sentencing guidelines, they can face up to three years in prison.”

We reached out to Couch’s office for comment, but have not heard back.

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