Congressional Candidate Chris Mathys and the California Secretary of state have made a compromise regarding his designation on the June 7 ballot. 

The approved designation will be Businessman/Rancher instead of Mathys’ request to use the ballot designation of Trump Conservative/Businessman.

Mathys stated “I am disappointed in Judge Arguelles decision and support former President Trump 100 percent and believe he was the best president in my lifetime.”

Mathys is running against incumbent David Valadao, who voted to remove former President Donald Trump from office in 2020.

Mathys, a businessman from Fresno, is running as a conservative Republican. He owns several businesses and is a licensed Real Estate Broker in California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Mathys is an army veteran and holds fighting against abortion, protecting second amendment rights, and the need for strong border security as some of the issues most important to him.