BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Just minutes past six in the evening, cars begin to arrive outside the home of Kyle Lundy. Colorful flowers, flickering candles and posterboards with images of Lundy posing with kids in red and blue soccer uniforms all surround a huge, framed headshot of Lundy.  

From the cars, which keep arriving, paring out front, kids in their soccer uniforms begin to pile out. Imprinted on the front are white letters spelling out ‘Albion’, the youth soccer club Lundy coached. Some are carrying flowers, some trophies that they won under the direction of Lundy.  

39-year-old Kyle Lundy was shot and killed by a neighbor after police say he attempted to force his way into an apartment in southwest Bakersfield early Monday morning.   

17 News spoke with the woman who lives in that apartment with her 6-year-old son but did not want to talk on camera. She says she called BPD twice that morning to intervene while a raucous Lundy was attempting to get into her apartment, but officers showed up too late.

News of his death came as a shock to Cinthia Gutierrez who managed the team with Lundy and to Jeniffer Cruz whose child plays for the team. Both organized Wednesday’s vigil.

“I had to tell all my parents, I had to tell all my players,” said Gutierrez. “It’s been really hard.” 

Lundy was far more than just a soccer coach, in years past Lundy played for the CSUB Runners during the 2002 – 2003 season.  

Cruz and Gutierrez have found it very difficult to have to break the news to their kids about Lundy’s passing.

“It’s just hard with the kids and their questions,” said Cruz. “All they know is coach had an accident, he was badly injured and passed away.” 

Both say Lundy was epileptic and they believe he could’ve been seizing or suffering an episode where Lundy was disoriented. 

“When he would have an incident, he would get disoriented,” said Cruz. “This is something that he had all his life.” 

BPD has not made any arrests and continues to investigate. BPD added that at the conclusion of the investigation the details will be forwarded to the DA’s office for review.