CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (KGET) – With no updates from police – the community in California City is coming together to pray for two little boys gone missing. One is 3-year-old Orson West, the other is four-year-old Orrin West. For five days – California City residents have been searching the desert for these boys. Today – locals held a vigil to pray for their safe return.

“This hits very close to home to me, I want to find these boys,” said Laura Romero, California City resident. “There’s too many missing cases in this town. Theres too many of us mothers that have band together and we will not stop until we find these children.”

The adoptive parents of the two boys reported them missing on Monday night. Since then, police and FBI agents have been in and out of their house looking for answers. They even dug up the backyard on Wednesday night.

“We’re still as a community diligently, looking, searching and trying to get answers,” Romero said. “So far we cant get any answers from the police department. We cant get any answers from anybody.”

City leaders have also helped in the search for these little boys.

“I was out here a couple nights ago, there were several people out here,” said Jeanie O’Laughlin, the Mayor of California City. “I brought blankets out and people were walking. Everybody’s concerned, almost everybody I run into that’s the first thing they say – ‘Have you heard anything about those babies.’”

The mayor, a couple of police officers, and dozens of local residents came together to pray for justice.

“Anytime someone goes missing its a tragedy, but we have two small children here, that affects all of us,” Mayor O’Laughlin said. “I’ve seen such an outpouring of care and love. People have been out here 24 hours a day since the beginning.”

Four pastors led the group in prayer. Most are from local churches. But one drove more than 40 miles from Lancaster to show his support.

“You can see people showing up and coming from different walks of life,” said Reverend David McKinley, a local paster. “So I do believe we can come together and unite on one good cause, and what better cause than to help find some lost children.”

Many of these residents say they will go out again today to search for these two boys. If you have any information, call California City Police at 760-373-8606.