WATCH: Ambulance transporting patient to hospital struck by vehicle in East Bakersfield

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UPDATE (2/23): Hall Ambulance has released photos and video footage of Saturday’s crash from an on-board camera.

The company said EMT Chelsey Hepp and Paramedic Kevin McClanahan were transporting a patient when, while making a left-hand turn onto E. California Avenue at Haley Street, another vehicle traveling at high speeds ran a red light, striking the ambulance’s front end and driver’s side. 

At the moment of impact, Hall Ambulance said paramedic Kevin McClanahan was providing a patient care report to the receiving hospital. With his mic keyed, hospital staff heard the collision occur over the radio. 

Concerned about the situation, the hospital staff immediately contacted Hall Ambulance’s dispatch center to advise them of the incident.

No one in the ambulance was seriously injured in the crash, including the patient, who had remained restrained on the gurney and was not experiencing any changes from their original condition, the company said. 

Hall Ambulance said McClanahan continued to care for his patient in the back of the wrecked ambulance until another ambulance arrived to take over patient care and transport the patient to the hospital. 

The company said EMT Chelsey Hepp, who was driving the ambulance, went out to help the occupants of the vehicle that crashed into the ambulance after someone shouted that they needed help.  

Hall Ambulance said she began providing medical aid, despite having just been involved in a crash herself, until another ambulance crew arrived. 

As an EMT who is used to responding to others in need but found herself suddenly becoming a patient, she said, “It puts things into perspective. Even when we are doing the right thing and not distracted driving, accidents still happen. It was strange to be in a situation of doing things right, and to be affected by others not following the rules.”

(2/20): BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A woman driving a stabbing victim to a hospital collided with a Hall ambulance in East Bakersfield, police said.

The collision happened at the intersection at East California Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at around 6 p.m. Bakersfield police said the woman driving a man who had been stabbed in the 900 block of Dolores Street ran a red light and collided with the ambulance.

No one was seriously injured from the collision. The stabbing victim had moderate stab wounds and was taken to a hospital and police are investigating the stabbing on Dolores Street.

Officials said a man was being taken to a hospital by Hall Ambulance at the time of the crash, and eventually arrived at a hospital.

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