BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It was the big day for dozens of dogs who found forever homes.

Organizers call the “Clear The Shelters” promotion a success, but the kennels aren’t cleared and many dogs still need your help.

It’s the “Clear The Shelters” event at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center. With a day full of adoptions the kennels still have dogs that need homes.

It was a slow start to one of Bakersfield’s most hectic events of the year. Only a few people in line but things started to pick up as the day moved on. People came out to adopt dogs and cats to give them a second chance at life.

“This event is all about clearing the shelters so currently the situation in Bakersfield is more strays are coming in then going out,” Ryan Dovell a volunteer at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center said.

Fifty-seven animals were adopted on Saturday. The total for the month long event now reaching 157 saved lives.

“Because we did clear the shelters for the full month we’re actually seeing it stretched out we’re over 100 for the month already so far which has been amazing,” Julie Johnson the Executive Director of the Bakersfield Animal Care Center said.

The Bakersfield Animal Care Center faced max capacity issues all year. It’s been pushed to make tough decisions regarding dog lives.

“Pets are a lifelong commitment. Make sure that you’re taking care of your pet […] unfortunately we have seen so many pets that were never altered have puppies and unfortunately just so many puppy and puppies and his full grown animals coming in,” Johnson said.

New dog owners rejoice finding their new best friends.

“Well, I’m so happy to get a dog this is the first time he’s real he was really sweet,” Maria Castaneda said.

“He had like this sweet face I need to have an instant connection with my husband he’s thinking of Zeus,” Julia Rendon said.

If you missed out, you still have some time.

“We have plenty of dogs available and if you can’t come out today look we’re gonna keep this going on the way we want we want to clear the shelter please know that even if you didn’t find your forever animal today stay with us ’cause we have plenty more,” Johnson said.

Clear the Shelter doesn’t just end Saturday it’ll continue through Wednesday, Aug. 31.