BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — CityServe, the national non-profit founded in Bakersfield, has assembled a team of volunteers who are traveling to Warsaw, Poland to bring food to Ukrainian refugees.

CityServe collaborates with governmental and non-government agencies and churches, to deliver food and other goods to struggling families in underserved communities in Kern County and across the country.

CityServe has chartered a commercial airliner to transport the food and will deliver a million meals to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine with Russian forces.

CityServe is not soliciting volunteers for this mission. They will be collaborating with churches in Poland for additional assistance.

“We always work with local churches when we can, on the ground in that region where the refugees are coming across from Ukraine,” Pastor Wendell Vinson said.

“We’re excited to work with them, to resource them, to get them what they need to serve those refugees. The need is critical. The infrastructure is not yet developed to serve the refugee population. This has happened so fast. The numbers coming into Poland are massive.”

Vinson will provide updates from the Poland-Ukraine border next week.