BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The City of Wasco hosted a badge-pinning ceremony for new police staff at a city council meeting Tuesday evening.

During the meeting, Wasco City Police Chief Charlie Fivecoat introduced the first Wasco police lieutenant and police sergeants.

Alecio Mora is the city’s police Lieutenant and Lionel Lopez and Maira Puente are the city’s sergeants.

During the city council meeting, the city’s Senior Dispatcher was also pinned at the ceremony.

Lieutenant Mora says he was excited when he received the call from Police Chief Charlie Fivecoat.

“I was excited, a little bit scared … and then I read his mission, his roadmap and I was sold. I think he’s got the right idea,” Mora told 17 News after the badge-pinning ceremony.

Mora said the Wasco Police Department will soon have a ride-along program for those thinking of joining the police department. He says there will be long hours but it is rewarding.

Senator Melissa Hurtado and Assemblymember Dr. Jasmeet Bains will present the Wasco Police Department with a $5 million check, according to city officials.

The check will go toward the construction and design of the new Wasco Police Department. The department will be presented the check next month.