You may want your Christmas tree to stay fresh and last well into the new year, but it’s all too easy wind up with a dry and potentially dangerous tree before Santa comes down the chimney.

Frosty’s Forest on the corner of Coffee Road and Brimhall Road offered tree care tips to help you keep your tree fresh.

  • Choose a healthy Christmas tree.

“Look for a healthy, green tree that doesn’t have a lot of dry brown needles. If you run your hands along a few branches, needles should bend and give. Very few should fall off,” said Mike Olson, owner of Frosty’s Forest.

  • Make a fresh cut.

Olson says think of it like a boquet of flowers, you always want to cut the stems of the flowers before you put them in a vase so they can absorb water.

“We always cut the bottom of the tree before it leaves the lot so it allows the tree to drink water and remains fresh and green,” Olson said.

  • At home, make sure your tree isn’t near any heat sources.

“Fireplaces, heating vents, south facing windows, even space heaters can add heat and cause your tree to dry out,” Olson said.

  • Water immediately and often.

“Trees are thristy. They can drink a lot of water. Make sure to check your tree’s water twice a day. It’s the best way to keep your tree fresh well into the new year,” Olson said.

Frosty’s Forest is open 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. through Christmas.

The busines is located behind the Chevron gas station on the corner of Coffee Road and Brimhall Road.

The family ran business is glad to answer any Christmas tree question you may have, just stop by.