CAUGHT ON CAMERA: dresser falls on three-year-old

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A shocking nanny cam video shows a dresser falling on top of a three-year-old girl, the daughter of our chief meteorologist, Alissa Carlson.

“The nanny had just put Aris down for a nap, and then after about 10 minutes, there was a large crash,” Carlson said of the eye-opening experience. “What Aris actually did was take out every single drawer, and she would climb, and then it totally toppled over.”

This is something her parents never imagined would happen.

Thankfully, Aris is okay—unscathed.

“It gave me chills, and it still gives me chills to watch that video because I think she could’ve died, or her neck could’ve gotten twisted under there and crushed, or she could’ve broken a bone at the very least,” Carlson said.

They’re not the only family with a scare like this.

In 2017, a nanny cam video from Utah caught twin two-year-olds climbing on their dresser, when it falls and traps one of the boys underneath.

His brother miraculously pushes the piece of furniture, allowing his twin to wriggle free.

“We’ve seen these stories on the news, but I guess we had just thought it won’t happen to us,” Carlson said.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a child dies from furniture, appliances, or TVs tipping over every two weeks in the U.S. About 20,000 kids are injured this way each year.

“Immediately, we had a handyman come and install these steel cables onto the back (of the dresser),” Carlson explained. “Now the drawers don’t even come out, it won’t fall off the wall, and she’d be secure from it falling.”

The CPSC urges parents to do what they did.

The cables are available at any home improvement store

“Once you have a baby, start anchoring the furniture to the wall because it could be someone who starts climbing a little bit earlier than you recognize, and that’s right when the danger happens,” said Carlson’s husband, Neil.

Carlson added, “I had a lot of mom guilt about it, and now I’ve kind of gotten past that hurdle and think, we need to tell people to please do this because this could happen to your child.”

The CPSC also encourages parents to keep toys off dressers, TV stands, or other pieces of furniture that could tip over.

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