BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – A caravan of 250 ride-share drivers is making its way across California with one message – say no to Prop 22.

The caravan stopped at Central Park at Mill Creek this afternoon. It’s all part of a two day, statewide journey in opposition to Prop 22. The proposition says app-based ride-share and delivery companies don’t have to provide employee benefits to certain drivers.

Drivers would continue to be independent contractors, and not employees. But they would have less choice on where, when, and how much they work.

Bakersfield is the third of five cities that the caravan visited. It started in San Diego this morning and made a stop in Los Angeles, before arriving to Downtown Bakersfield. Ride-share drivers and labor leaders spoke at the gathering – including Dolores Huerta and Imelda Ceja-butkiewicz.

Those opposed to prop 22 say it could deepen racial inequality. That’s because it could result in sub-minimum wages and no benefits for ride-share drivers, who are mostly people of color.

Ride-share companies and supporters of the proposition say that 80 percent of app-based drivers are part-time and need flexible schedules alongside their day-jobs. Uber and Lyft have already spent $185 million dollars campaigning to pass Prop 22. They say thousands of jobs would be lost if it fails. You can read more about Prop 22 here.