BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — We begin with a candlelight memorial service for a young brother and sister killed by an alleged DUI driver.

This vigil brought family and friends together in prayer and remembrance for 19-year-old J.J. Malone and 10-year old Caylee Brown.

The vigil had over 30 close friends and family members, all of whom knew JJ and Caylee.

They lit candles and stood in a happy moment as they talked, smiled and laughed together. Some of them telling memories of the two.

One family member said JJ was the kind of guy that just loved his bike.

“JJ always rode bikes,” Kelsey Villatoro J.J. and Caylee’s cousin said. “Some of his friends reached out and they were like, ‘I know JJ because he helped me with my bike, he helped me fix it.’ So his bike was so important to him.”

The family plans to keep and fix JJ’s bike. Now if you’d like to help donate to the family for the funeral costs you can follow this link to their GoFundMe page.

“Life is short and just like hug them tight, tell people you love them. It doesn’t matter if it’s too soon,” Villatoro said. “If you’re scared to tell someone you love them tell them. Tell your cousins you love them, your brothers, your sisters. Like hug them because you just never know.”

The vigil was done because of the deadly crash that happened earlier this month on Panama Lane that claimed the lives of a J.J. Malone and Caylee Brown. On December 8, a suspected DUI driver veered off the road, striking and killing the two. It happened on a sidewalk, shortly after a school bus dropped Caylee off.

A separate memorial for both J.J. and Caylee is scheduled for December 28 at 5 p.m., at the location of the tragedy on Panama Lane, a block East of South H Street.