BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) —  Two new casualties in Bakersfield from California’s punishing megadrought.

Two small lakes, one at the Park at the River Walk and the other along the Kern River Parkway on Truxtun Extension are drying up and the aquatic wildlife in those two lakes, is left to rot in the summer sun.

The lake has been drying up for years due to the epic drought in California. Truxtun Lake is not the only one. The Park at River Walk lake is also drying up too.

“This is the driest it’s been in 1200 years,” Richard O’Neil the president of the Kern River Parkway Foundation said. “This is a three-year drought but it extends beyond that. It’s one drought upon the next drought.”

Concerned Bakersfield locals say something needs to be done to save the wildlife like the turtles from these dying lakes.

“They either need to put some water in here or they need to rescue the turtles,” Susan McCoy a concerned Bakersfield animal lover said. “You can’t just establish this and get all the wildlife going and pull the plug. They don’t know what to do. This is their home.. It’s just not right.”

It’s expected all the small animals like the turtles that live in and nearby the lakes will die.

“Most of them will die,” O’Neil said. “The bird life, those that are lucky enough to fly away, they’ll find a place but most of them will die.”

Bakersfield City officials confirm no water is being planned to go to these lakes. Instead, it’s being prioritized to homes and businesses.

As for the cleanup, the city has not responded to when the dead animals will be cleared from the areas.

“Water won’t be put back into that lake until after this winter,” O’Neil said. “If we’re lucky to get enough rain this year and snow there will be water back in Truxtun lake next late Spring.”