California eviction moratorium ends Friday, what you need to know

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Tomorrow California’s eviction moratorium, implemented during the early stages of the COVID pandemic, will be lifted.

“We have more tenants who have taken advantage of the system and just simply said, ‘I’m not paying because I don’t need to pay’ not realizing that at some point in time they will have to pay,” Fawn Dessy a real estate attorney in Bakersfield said. “It is not a rent abatement it is a rent deferral.”

Property owners can now serve notices to renters for unpaid rent which could lead to an eviction.

“Effective October 1st, as the law currently stands, we can start serving three-day notices of pay or quit,” Dessy said.

This notice gives renters three days to pay a portion of the total rent they owe. But if the 25% is not paid complaints and legal action could follow.

“When October 1st comes around, I expect we will have complaints filed because we have people who have not paid their 25% of the rent that is past due,” Dessy said.

Now if you’re struggling to pay rent because of the pandemic, Kern County Housing Authority has a program to help.

“We’re assisting roughly 150 households a week and we’re distributing a little over a million dollars per week in direct assistance,” Heather Kimmel from the Kern County Housing Authority said.

To qualify to the program, you need a copy of your lease, proof of income, a back-rent statement from your landlord, and a self-attestation form.

“There is still quite a bit of money available in assistance, Kimmel said. “We are strongly encouraging people to continue to apply if they need it.”

Both renters and property owners are encouraged to work together to come to a solution.

“If they lost their income because of employment certainly they deserve to be helped,” Dessy said.

If you do need rental assistance you can go online to to fill out an application for rental and utility assistance.

The assistance program is available through the rest of the year.

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