BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — As many begin shopping for the holiday season, stores and malls are amping up security.

Silvia Goytia is the manager of Banter, a jewelry kiosk in the Valley Plaza Mall — a mall that has dealt with several thefts this year. Security for the mall told 17 News it had increased security to ensure safety during the holiday season, and Goytia confirmed she had seen the changes.

“I’ve seen a lot more patrolling on the outside,” said Goytia. “The patrolling has gotten a lot tighter, the way that security patrols even the parking lot or outside the perimeters and everything like that. We are in the mall, so we’re a pretty big target for a lot of things and since I’ve been here, I have seen a lot of things happen, but the way the security is they’re really fast, they’re on it.”

Though the mall has changed with the number of shoppers, the kiosk has also added security measures like a camera and keeping the jewelry locked.

“We do have an alarm, for just this kiosk alone, we don’t hold our jewelry here overnight, we take it somewhere else, so we’re definitely making sure our valuables are safe,” said Goytia.

Holiday Shopper Sylvia Cable said she stopped going to Valley Plaza Mall years ago after multiple incidents there, and still gets nervous when holiday shopping.

“I have to look behind my back, around me, it’s not good, it’s not a good feeling,” said Cable.

Cable shared that she blames the economy for this surge in crime, not the security.

“People are struggling and they’re trying to get money one way or another and I feel like that’s the easiest way to get money,” said Cable.

However, with businesses increasing security during the holiday season, she hopes more will consider these measures long-term.

“I feel like it should be done more year-round, not during the holidays, because something is going on anytime, it doesn’t just have to be a holiday,” said Cable.

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