Brother of Jose Arredondo agrees: Man accused of killing Arredondo being made a ‘scapegoat’ by Mexican authorities

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The brother of Jose Arredondo tells 17 News Mexican authorities told him they were going to kidnap the man accused of killing Arredondo, take him to the desert and “make him confess.”

Roberto Gonzalez is charged in Cabo San Lucas with murdering Arredondo. Gonzalez’s attorney from the start of the investigation has said his client is a scapegoat. Now, Arredondo’s brother Sergio agrees.

Three days after Jose Arredondo was found murdered inside his condo in Cabo San Lucas on July 16, Sergio Arredondo says he was asked by police to call Roberto Gonzalez and meet him at the crime scene.

Once at the condo, police questioned Gonzalez and Sergio Arredondo says he was led to believe Gonzalez was a suspect, but was surprised to see that Gonzalez was let go after questioning.

Later, Sergio says police told him they would pick up Gonzalez and “make him confess.”

“Their comment to me was, they’re waiting for him down the street, they’re going to pick him up,” Arredondo says. “He’s not even going to get arrested we’re going to pretty much kidnap him, take him. We’re going to take him and he’s going to tell us what happened.”

Sergio Arredondo says he did not take the comment seriously and thought it was a joke.

But when he saw a story on Telemundo Valle Central in which Gonzalez testified at a court hearing to being kidnapped and tortured, he realized it was no joke.

“It created confusion in my mind. It started digging into the possibility that he was being framed more and more,” he said.

Jaime Tacher, Gonzalez’s lawyer, was in Bakersfield this week. He says the motive in this case boils down to one thing.

“Follow the money,” Tacher said. “You need to follow the money in order to know what’s going on here.”

“Second, we have to follow obviously the beneficiaries of that money. We are talking here about interesting amounts of money in U.S. dollars or Mexican pesos whatever you want to call them.”

Arredondo was a U.S. citizen as are two others who are witnesses in this case.

They also claim to be kidnapped and tortured by police in order to get them to implicate Gonzalez as the murderer.

Tacher and Sergio Arredondo say they are asking for the FBI’s help in solving the case.

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