BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Bakersfield Police Department is asking community members to register their security cameras with their new Community Camera Registry Program (CCRP) in an effort to help speed the process of gathering security footage during investigations.

By registering, the department says they do not have permission to review your video without consent. If community members do give their footage to BPD, they are not allowed to share the video with the public or media.

The program aims to prevent crimes and help solve investigations.

Visit here to sign up for the Community Camera Registry Program (CCRP).

Bakersfield Police also provided a list of terms and conditions:

• The Bakersfield Police Department will directly contact enrolled citizens to request
surveillance footage if there is an incident in their immediate area.
• Any surveillance footage obtained by the Bakersfield Police Department as part of the
CCRP can be used as evidence in a criminal investigation.
• The enrolled must agree that any surveillance footage the police department is using
for an investigation cannot be released to the public or media.
• Under no circumstance will the registrant act as a representative of the Bakersfield
Police Department through the CCRP.
• Surveillance footage will only be obtained from the Bakersfield Police Department to
investigate a crime.
• The police department will not share any personal information with outside agencies.
• The police department will send out renewal emails annually to make sure your
enrollment information is correct.
• If you no longer want to participate in the CCRP, or need to make any changes to
your enrollment, contact