BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Kern County Board of Supervisors approved a state of emergency proclamation as another atmospheric river brings rainfall and the potential for more floods, even landslides, to Kern County.

Emergency proclamation #47A was approved unanimously by the Kern County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. The resolution means a severe weather event and state of emergency exists within the county.

According to Kern County’s Chief Administrative Officer, Ryan Alsop, the proclamation authorizes Supervisors to request support in response to the ongoing flooding under the California Disaster Assistance Act.

The announcement comes as evacuation orders and warnings remained in effect throughout the valley and mountain communities for a fourth day. Officials urged residents Tuesday to stay out of areas that have been evacuated until evacuation orders are lifted.

Wofford Heights residents are under an evacuation order due to the potential for a landslide.

“Our report came back and stated that this hillside could go at any moment, if it receives any amount of saturation, it could go at any moment. Does that mean tonight, tomorrow, does that mean six months? We’re still planning that out. This is a serious situation and we have all of our intel working to solve this problem,” said KCFD Chief Aaron Duncan.

Duncan added, over 7,000 sandbags have been handed out, six different evacuation sites have been established and over 350 homes have been assessed for damage. So far, no reports of injuries have been reported in the county.

The proclamation is dated back to Feb. 21 to include previous storms that have impacted various parts of the county that included snowstorms in the mountain communities.

Kern County Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Services, Aaron Duncan, said the department is pulling resources in from Las Vegas.

Duncan added, the Red Cross is in need of volunteers. For full details and to sign up, visit KCFD website