Bins + Baskets: Netflix series inspires woman to start her own business

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Randi Mason has been a mom and homemaker for almost eleven years. Now that her kids are a little older, she’s making other people’s homes, her business. “I was helping a friend and she wanted her playroom reorganized.” “And then a good dear friend of mine wanted her pantry done.” “It just kind of was one of those things, like, hey you’re really good at this you should start a business, and so I did!”

After watching The Home Edit on Netflix, Mason created “Bins and Baskets.” She says she can do anything from garages to kitchens to closets, but the thing she gets asked to organize most often? Pantries.

I had her tackle mine as a way of explaining the process, and giving us some tips to do it ourselves. Plus, my pantry just really needed organizing. Here are the basic steps she took. Step one: clear it all out, and as you do, check the dates. “Everybody has expired food. There’s nobody, I have not found anybody who does not have expired food. We all do. Even people who think they are very neat and organized, all have expired food. We buy things and stick them in the back of the pantry and you forget about it,” says Mason as she checks the date on a container of cous cous we found on one of my back shelves. It’s expired, and I have no plans to use it anytime soon. So, out it goes. Mason explains she’s not afraid of expired food, but if it’s really old, then that probably means you’re not using it. “The craziest thing I’ve found was maybe the spice from 2007? That’s probably the oldest item I’ve found.”

Step two: before you start to put things back, group items together. “Put everything in a category. Whether it’s baking or spreads and oils and vinegars, dinner items, pastas, whatever category or items you have, categorizing all of it, finding some cute containers at Bed Bath and Beyond, The Dollar Tree, Walmart, wherever you want to go and then putting those items in containers. And then I tell people it’s kind of like a game of Tetris,” explains Mason.

Step three: start arranging those bins and baskets. “So really the biggest trick is making sure everything has its own very specific section. This is all items that go into smoothies. This is all items that are used for baking.” “We have canned goods on an organizer that expands so it will get wider if you have more cans. This is all sauces, down here these are all vinegar and oils and these turn so nothing will get stuck in the back and you’ll be able to see it.”

Now that I can actually see everything I have and it has its own place, the final, perhaps most difficult step, will be seeing if I can keep it that way.

You can find Mason on Instagram, just search, Bins + Baskets. She is taking consultations right now but says she loves to help people do it on their own too, so feel free to reach out if you have a question.

Mason’s top three tips for organization:

  1. Get rid of things that are not being useful or being used.
  2. Get the right bins and baskets.
  3. Categorizing/ keeping all items in one place, (so everyone knows where things need to be put back.)

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