BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — For less than $10, two stores in Bakersfield offer huge bargains, with prices going down every day of the week, and customers can find all kinds of merchandise.

Some may even be worth hundreds.

“In the last two weeks people left with XBOXs, PlayStations, and TVs as well, for $8,” said Jehad Awad, owner of Mega Dealz.

Mega Dealz opened just a month ago in Bakersfield and customers line up outside the store before opening time.

One mile down the road, Flaming Deals has been bringing Bakersfield the hottest prices for two years.

Here’s how it works: The stores are open six days a week and they are closed on Thursdays for re-stocking.

Starting Friday everything is $8 at one store and $7 at the other.

Every day, the price drops a dollar on everything that hasn’t been sold and whatever is left on Wednesdays sells for 50 cents.

And it all starts over with all new bargains on Friday.

“You can find a variety of things. From electronics to housing things, it’s whatever you want, we have it here, I promise you,” said Mohammad Dalqamouni, owner of Flaming Deals, “If you come on any day of the week you’ll find something useful for the price you’re getting.”

Both stores get merchandise from places like Amazon, Target, Home Depot and other liquidation companies.

Black Friday is about to get cheaper for many.

“Black Friday we’re going to be opening at 8 o’clock. I believe the price will stay seven dollars this year,” said Mohammad Dalqamouni, “But we’re giving out so much product. We’re getting extra merchandise for Black Friday.”

“We already started getting Christmas merchandise lined up right now. We have trucks, we get about 10 trucks a week, 10 loads and we have already about 20 loads for Christmas coming,” said Jehad Awad.

But make sure you’re set on your purchases because all sales are final.

Mega Dealz is located at 402 California Ave., and Flaming Deals is at 900 Chester Ave.