Best Eats This Week: Shrimp empanadas and fondue

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A 17 News staffer this week performed the time-honored Swiss tradition of improving on fruits and vegetables through one simple action — dipping them in cheese.

Another went for a lunch of shrimp empanadas at a truck parked in East Bakersfield before collapsing for a nap.

One involved a little work, the other a simple purchase, but both staffers ended up happy with their respective meals.

Homemade fondue meal, Nicole Gitzke

Originating in Switzerland, fondue was first used as a way to clear the pantry of old cheese and stale bread, melting the cheese with a wine, cognac or brandy, maybe some garlic or herbs thrown in, then softening the bread in the concoction before eating.

These days we don’t need the excuse of bread old enough to break your teeth to enjoy the creamy pleasures of the fondue pot. Nor is it necessary to enforce the penalties once faced for dropping a piece of bread in the dip: men had to buy a round of drinks, women were supposed to kiss all their neighbors.

Times have certainly changed.

Reporter Nicole Gitzke said she gathered all the essentials for dipping when preparing her fondue dinner, including bread, carrots, green apples, broccoli and cauliflower.

“Such an easy dinner but so tasty,” she said.

We’ll save the history of chocolate fondue, beloved by travelers to Las Vegas, for another article.

Shrimp empanadas, So-Cal Tamal

Shrimp empanadas, So-Cal Tamal, multiple locations

Reporter Raphael Stroud was impressed with the shrimp empanadas he had from the So-Cal Tamal truck parked at the corner of Bernard Street and Cleo Court, near Oswell Street.

They have a wide-ranging menu, from Hot Cheetos burritos to ceviche to their signature tamales. There are churros for dessert.

Check out the menu and locations here.

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