Best Eats This Week: Jamaican cuisine, banana pudding and home-cooked chili

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — This week a co-worker satisfied her sweet tooth with an order of banana pudding from a friend’s dessert delivery business, and I stopped at a brightly-colored spot on Ming Avenue for a hearty plate of Jamaican cuisine. Plus, a staffer provided photos of not one but two home-cooked meals.

Oxtail plate, Barrington’s Jamaican Kitchen, 4120 Ming Ave.

Barrington’s Jamaican Kitchen operates out of a tiny yet eye-catching place on Ming Avenue. If you can’t remember the address, keep your eyes open for the green and yellow structure.

The menu has a number of Jamaican classics: jerk chicken, curries with chicken or goat and meat pies. I tried the oxtails (served only Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays), which were well-spiced and meltingly tender. They were good enough that I lingered over the bones and extracted every last morsel of meat.

As with all the plates, the oxtails are served over a bed of rice and beans with sides of plantains and stewed cabbage. These are big meals, the kind that can power you through a double shift at the office or prepare you for a nap on the weekend.

For those averse to standing in line during these days of heightened safety guidelines, Barrington’s has a drive-thru. Additionally, the chef wore a face covering.

Banana pudding, The Homegirls

Banana pudding, The Homegirls, order through Instagram at @thehomegirls661

Digital Executive Producer Trish Rocha knew she was in for a special treat when a friend who is talented in the kitchen told her she started a dessert business. Here’s the story:

“You know that thing that happens when a close friend is like, ‘Come see my band play!’ or ‘I’m going to try to become a standup comic!’ And you get really worried that you’ll have to pretend to like whatever they do no matter what even if it’s really bad because that’s your friend and you want to support them? I lovingly call it friendship dread. 

“Well, when a friend of mine told me she was finally starting her own dessert business, there was no ounce of friendship dread in sight. Her rice krispie treats, cakes and cupcakes have long been a fave at parties and potlucks and I was so excited to be able to try her newest creations.

“Friday I got to try her banana pudding and it was incredible. It was rich without being overtly sweet, and so well layered with the right ratio of cookie to fresh banana to pudding. A new menu is on deck every week and you can find them on Instagram at @thehomegirls661.”

Chili and grilled chicken, Mason Rockfellow

Rockfellow, KGET assignments editor and avid cook, treated us to photos of his black bean chili with bacon and southwest grilled chicken with green beans. Like a proud father showing off pictures of his newborn, he smiled lovingly while describing the meals.

The chili looked filling and the chicken well-spiced. As always, we acknowledged and commended his efforts.

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