Best Eats This Week: German chocolate cake and tacos

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German chocolate cake, Kohnen’s Country Bakery

TEHACHAPI and BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A big square of German chocolate cake from an esteemed Tehachapi bakery and an array of tacos from a chain that recently opened in the space next to the Silver Fox Starlite Lounge make up the selections for this edition of Best Eat This Week.

German chocolate cake, Kohnen’s Country Bakery, 125 W. Tehachapi Blvd., Tehachapi

“Extremely moist chocolate cake with two layers of yummy coconut(y) topping!,” wrote reporter Nicole Gitzke, who has raved about multiple items at this authentic German bakery. “The best German chocolate cake I’ve had in a long time…but Sequoia is good too!”

Gitzke pointed out the cake’s name is misleading as to its actual origins.

“Fun fact: German chocolate cake isn’t German…it’s American!” she wrote.

We can thank American baker Samuel German for the confusion, and the deliciousness. He created a type of sweet baking chocolate in the 1850s. A century later, a recipe titled “German’s Chocolate Cake” — using his namesake chocolate — appeared in the Dallas Morning News.

As NPR noted in a 2007 article, the recipe was reprinted in newspapers across the country. “But somewhere along the way, German’s Chocolate Cake lost its apostrophe-s, leaving Germany holding the credit for a classic American dessert.”

That ends our lesson for today.

Shrimp, chicken, carnitas and tri tip tacos from Sancho’s Tacos, located adjacent to the Silver Fox Starlite Lounge.

Tacos, Sancho’s Tacos, 702 18th St., Bakersfield

The Sancho’s chain recently opened a location in Bakersfield offering its substantial list of tacos and burritos, as well as loaded fries and nachos. Its website says customers can expect the “bombest” food in town.

I ordered an array of tacos — tri tip, carnitas, chicken and shrimp — on a hot and hazy Sunday afternoon. The meats were cooked and seasoned well, and ample slices of lime were provided. The only drawback was the “chubbie” sauce, which was too sweet for my taste. Next time I’ll get the tacos without it, because everything was fine otherwise. And I’m eager to try the “CaliGuey” burrito containing tri tip and french fries.

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