Best Eats This Week: Fair Food Edition

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Gold-plated ice cream cone from OMG!

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Kern County Fair has finally arrived, and with it come energetic musical performances, thrilling rides, petting zoos and deep-fried everything.

Fair eats are typically caloric bombs. But the county fair, much like the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, marks a brief period of time where calories don’t count, or, better yet, are as mythical as unicorns.

They simply don’t exist.

So let’s put moderation aside and indulge ourselves. There’s deep-fried cheesecake to be had, after all.

Gold-plated ice cream, OMG! Ice Cream

Yes, it’s a gimmick, and $20 is a lot to pay for an ice cream cone, but how often are you going to get the opportunity to eat gold?

An ultra-thin layer of gold leaf is wrapped around the ice cream to create one of OMG!’s inventive treats. It doesn’t provide much other than a slight metallic taste and tinfoil texture, but I can attest it draws the attention of everyone in the vicinity.

Order it for Instagram bragging rights.

Lobster fries at Sharky’s Fish Fry

Lobster fries, Sharky’s Fish Fry

Slice up an old shoe and throw it over fries with a drizzle of aioli and I’ll likely eat it. When I heard Sharky’s was serving lobster over fries, I made it my first stop at the fairgrounds.

Squeeze a lemon over the lobster chunks and dig in.

Deep-fried cheesecake

Deep-fried cheesecake, booth unknown

I was so excited to finally find the booth selling deep-fried cheesecake that I forgot to write down its name. The picture of the cheesecake shone from the booth’s window like an ancient gold artifact glowing in the face of Indiana Jones as I placed my order.

Hot on the outside, cool and meltingly soft in the middle, it was scrumptious. Deep-fried twinkies are so passe — cheesecake is the future.

LAPD milkshake, Fabe’s Churros and Gelato

LAPD milkshake with coffee ice cream and a glaze doughnut, Fabe’s Churros and Gelato

This massive concoction contains enough sugar and caffeine to keep an officer wired through a 12-hour shift.

Producer Raphael Stroud ate it at night. I’m guessing he didn’t get much sleep.

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