Best Eats This Week: Cool local treats, home-cooked lobster dinner and Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley

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Snow cone at Sno Fun in Shafter.

BAKERSFIELD, SHAFTER, ALHAMBRA, Calif. (KGET) — Due to scheduling issues, Best Eats hits a day early. It’s a good thing, really, as it means an extra day for you to peruse our staffers’ suggestions and plan your meals for the weekend.

We have an icy, refreshing treat in Shafter, exemplary home-cooked meals and the halal, lamb-intensive cooking at one of the many dozens of excellent Chinese restaurants dotting the San Gabriel Valley.

As always, eat well, and, given the forecast, keep the air-conditioning cranked.

Snow cones, Sno Fun, 101 Central Ave., Shafter

“How do you beat the heat? Take a short 20-minute drive up the 99 north, exit Lerdo Highway and head straight to Sno Fun in Shafter.

“This hidden gem could be easy to overlook, but it’s definitely worth a mini road trip. I got a half coconut, half cream soda snow cone and it was delicious. Drive home quickly or eat it in your car because seating is limited. Be sure to bring cash too. Enjoy!”

— Raquel Vega, associate producer

A home-cooked breakfast by Tabatha Mills.
Lobster dinner by Tabatha Mills.

Home-cooked breakfast and lobster dinner

Reporter Tabatha Mills was feeling guilty.

During the past few months in which I’ve asked KGET staffers to send me photos and descriptions of their favorite meal of the week, I’ve, sadly, never heard back from Mills (insert “crying” emoji here).

This week, however, she outdid herself.

Mills submitted pictures of a hearty breakfast she made with eggs, bacon and sausage, plus a berry-topped waffle.

But she didn’t stop there. She also sent a photo of a lobster dinner she prepared that looked like it should be presented on the Food Network.

Tabatha, all is forgiven.

Fried naan with beef, Dolan’s Uyghur Cuisine, 742 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra

Fried naan with beef at Dolan’s Uyghur Cuisine.

It’s often said the San Gabriel Valley has the largest, most wide-ranging collection of Chinese restaurants, representing all cuisines from the country, anywhere outside China itself.

While I’ve never visited China, I’ve made dozens of trips to the SGV, and I’ve never left unsatisfied or without having experienced something new and exciting.

This week I went to Dolan’s Uyghur Cuisine, specializing in the food of northwest China. There are lots of hearty entrees featuring lamb, and also lots of dishes with the oven-baked flatbread called naan.

I decided to try both in a dish I’d never heard of before: fried naan with beef, peppers, onions and a boatload of cumin.

Full disclosure — there’s not much beef in the dish. But I didn’t miss it because the crunchy naan, fresh out of the fryer, was as hard to stop eating as potato chips.

Order that and a few lamb skewers. You’ll make the trip back north happy and full.

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