Best Eats This Week: Fried green tomato BLTs, Blue Bell ice cream and homemade tacos

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — How to improve on a classic BLT?

Add fried green tomatoes.

That’s what KGET’s news director discovered on a recent trip to downtown favorite 24th Street Cafe. Other staffers shared thoughts on a homemade meal, plus a popular brand of ice cream originating in Texas.

Following are our Best Eats This Week:

Fried green tomato BLT, 24th Street Cafe, 1415 24th St., Bakersfield

The BLT is an American staple, an item where we can indulge in the salty crispiness of bacon while still claiming health benefits from the vegetables the sandwich contains.

Well, 24th Street Cafe decided customers deserve another choice than just plain old tomatoes.

They take unripened green tomatoes, fry them in the classic Southern style and add them along with the bacon and fresh baby arugula to whole wheat bread with mayo.

KGET News Director Michael Trihey approved.

Nothing’s wrong with the time-honored version of this sandwich, of course. But innovation is always welcome.

Dutch chocolate and strawberry cheesecake ice cream, Blue Bell brand ice cream, Texas and locations throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S.

Recently, I was in Houston for a work-related conference. As with any new city I visit, I like to snoop around and check out coffee shops, landmarks and, especially, the cuisine.

I ate street dogs and Vietnamese noodles, tacos and tater tots. But what stood out was my first encounter with Blue Bell ice cream, a Texas tradition for more than a century.

I’ve heard a number of people wax rhapsodic about Blue Bell. I had no doubt it was delicious, but locally we have Dewar’s, Moo Creamery, Rosemary’s Family Creamery and other locations serving excellent ice cream.

Blue Bell doesn’t top our local spots, but I’ll argue it deserves to be mentioned in the same breath. Lusciously creamy, tasting exactly like the description of its flavors – the strawberry cheesecake blew my mind – this is ice cream worth traveling for.

— Jason Kotowski, digital content producer

Homemade beef tacos

Assignment Editor Mason Rockfellow is a man of many talents.

He’s a whiz on the computer, adept at shooting video and can discuss the intricacies of electronica.

He’s also a solid cook. He has previously brought homemade naan (Indian flatbread) into the newsroom, and frequently experiments with other cuisines.

This week, he kept it simple but delicious, preparing a quick staple of many homes: tacos.

Rockfellow cubed and seasoned beef, cooked it up and put it on white corn tortillas with lettuce, cheese and Mrs. Renfro’s Habanero Salsa.

For an efficient, satisfying family meal, it’s hard to do better than tacos.

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