Best Eats This Week: Pizza and punk rock, a special Italian sub and lo mein in North Hollywood

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Pizza from Jerry’s Pizza

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — This week we venture into a venue known as much for its live music as its pizza, an enduring establishment that has weathered changing musical tastes and remains a stronghold for rowdy punk and metal shows.

Also, the newsroom was abuzz about an Italian sub, and a staffer traveled to North Hollywood for a lo mein dish he swears he can’t find locally.

Pepperoni pizza with a side of music, Jerry’s Pizza & Pub, 1817 Chester Ave., Bakersfield

There are people who argue for hours over the merits of Neopolitan pizza with its strict adherence to rules regarding ingredients, Chicago-style deep dish pizza capable of feeding a family of five for a week, square and thick Sicilian slices, the classic New York slice the width of an almanac that requires folding in half to manage its exaggerated flop.

And then there’s the pizza made at Jerry’s Pizza & Pub.

It’s a different breed.

A greasy specimen with an especially soft crust and tangy tomato sauce, it’s the perfect fuel to get you through two hours of headbanging in the establishment’s basement.

There is a sprinkling of cornmeal on the bottom of the pie that helps prevent the dough from sticking to the the tray. Some pizza connoisseurs consider the addition of cornmeal borderline sacrilege, but at Jerry’s it’s sparingly used and doesn’t detract from the pie’s tastiness.

Whereas Neopolitan pizza could be described as almost genteel, Jerry’s pies are decidedly uncouth. Appropriately so. Take a bite and rock on.

The Brummer, Bonnie’s Best Cafe

The Brummer, Bonnie’s Best Cafe, 1900 21st St., Bakersfield

The Brummer caused something of a stir in the newsroom this week.

First, Assignment Manager Erica Torres and Associate Producer Patricia Rocha split one for lunch, and the sight of the restaurant’s take on a classic Italian sub — containing a homemade olive salad and Italian dressing along with the requisite meat and cheese — spurred me to get one for myself.

After getting back to the office with a Brummer of my own, I continued to discuss the sandwich with Torres and Rocha when News Anchor Jim Scott walked up holding a paper-wrapped bundle and said, “You mean the Brummer?”

He then unwrapped the paper and revealed yet another Brummer, this one customized to Scott’s tastes with jalapenos and pepperjack cheese.

“It normally comes with ham, but I ask for turkey instead, Torres said.” “It’s amazing either way! This sandwich is meaty and delicious. The olive salad is my favorite part.”

The Brummer. A name worth remembering when it’s time for lunch.

House lo mein at Chinese Deli T & D

Chinese Deli T & D, 4821 Lankershim Blvd., Ste. C, North Hollywood

Web writer Jose Franco goes to Chinese Deli T & D for one dish: the house lo mein with chicken, beef and shrimp.

“Not fancy by any means but it’s great,” he said.

“Basically, I had been craving food like this for a while, but I have not found one in Bakersfield that matches the style and taste. What am I missing? Places like this are all over in strip malls in the San Fernando Valley.”

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