BEAR VALLEY SPRINGS, Calif. (KGET) — One resident was in for a not-so-sweet surprise Wednesday afternoon.

A bear entered a home Wednesday and got into a candy stash, according the Sgt. Dain Hurst of the Bear Valley Police Department.

Officials said they saw a very happy bear rubbing its tummy post-plunder.

Hurst said, they’ve had about four similar incidents in the past couple weeks. Recently, bears have been coming out of the hills looking for food, getting into garages, homes and trash bins.

Nobody was hurt but there were wrecked screens and trash scattered, Hurst said.

The increased bear sightings are caused by the drought and dry conditions, according to Hurst.

Fish and Wildlife will be holding an informational workshop at 10 a.m. Saturday to talk about this year’s bear problem. It’s being held at–yes–Cub Lake at 29000 Bear Valley Road.