BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Bakersfield College has received a $60 million grant for housing homeless students and students with financial need but the community is outraged by an unauthorized flyer circulating.

This project, set to be completed by 2026, would offer affordable student housing to students on the southeast corner of campus, near Memorial Stadium.

The flyer that is circulating around the community for the past couple of weeks, has caused great controversy at Bakersfield College – but no one will claim responsibility.

The flyer contains several points, asking the reader how they feel about loud parties, safety issues and crime, suggesting that student housing at BC would create these problems for people who live near the college.

But Zachary Smith an English professor at BC who lives near BC, says he is not worried the new housing would create any new issues in his neighborhood.

“Even during the football games I haven’t heard anything besides the fireworks, and we expected that. I don’t think it would increase any problems that don’t currently already exist in the area,” Smith said.

According to Andrew Bond, an English professor at BC, this will be extremely helpful to students who otherwise wouldn’t have beds to sleep in at night.

“I’ve had students who after they found some housing they confided in me and let me know that for a little while they were living in their car, so I think it’s really important that students have secure student housing because it’s something that adds to student success,” Bond said.

Bakersfield College communication professor Chris Cruz-Boone said the creation and distribution of these flyers is unacceptable.

“The cowards that created these flyers, haven’t identified themselves for a reason. Because they thought nobody would stand up for our most disenfranchised students at Bakersfield College,” Cruz-Boone said. “But they were wrong. And the faculty, and the community, and the staff, and fellow students, are all standing together and saying no. We won’t let you bully people who need help at Bakersfield College.”

I went to BC to talk to the person who is alleged to be behind the making and distributing of the flyers, but he declined to comment.