BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Your buck can make a bang, when you purchase your family’s ration of safe-and-sane excitement for the year. Every purchase you make on fireworks lights a fire under the fundraising efforts of dozens of Kern County nonprofits.

McFarland High Cross Country Coach Joel Lopez began drilling and setting up one of the many booths that dot the corners in Northwest Bakersfield. Unpacking fireworks that will be sold now until Monday for those looking to celebrate the nation’s independence.

“It’s the 4th of July man,” Lopez said. “America is great, people will buy fireworks, our intent is to sell out no matter what.”

The majority of booths are run by local non-profits, sports groups, or charities. In California, it is required that firework resellers partner with charities or athletic groups. The better the sales, the more these groups can excel in their service to the community. 

Over in East Bakersfield, Sylvia Castaneda with Victory Outreach Church eagerly waits for sales to begin.

“It’s the time of the season where the families get together and their children are with them,” Castaneda said. “It is something for them to do together as a family unit.”

Several customers had to be turned away from Castaneda’s booth, as sales didn’t begin until noon. For some, booth sales can’t start until an inspection is conducted by the Kern County Fire Department.

“We have a recovery home for men and women,” said Castaneda. “We just purchased our building a little over a year ago, so we need renovations.”

At the Bakersfield Power booth off Fruitvale Avenue and Norris Road, your dollars are helping the next generation of female athletes.

Christian Ramirez is one of the parents at the booth ready to welcome customers who are ready to spend their hard-earned dollars in a matter of seconds all to help our local non-profits.

“It’s preparing them for high school,” Ramirez said. “It’s preparing them for college, it’s very competitive out there.”

Ramirez, Castaneda and Lopez all mention that this is among the biggest fundraisers they hold throughout the year, bringing in anywhere between 70% to 80% of their revenue.

Americans spend about $1.5 billion to commemorate the day America gained its independence.

“Everything is up, when you go eat when you go pump gas, these used to be two-for-$50 last year and now they are two-for-$70,” said Ramirez. “Fourth of July is a big holiday so people are still going to spend money on it.”

If you are one of those looking for sane and legal fun, get ready to cough up some extra dollars this year but the goal is still to sell out as the year before.

“I’m still a little shocked when I looked at the price tags,” Lopez said. “I guess inflation is really hitting.”