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He’s breaking language barriers. 

Justin Patt, a local deaf man, is giving a voice to the deaf community. 

With a tape measure and determination, Patt is creating opportunity and causing change. 

“A lot of people view deaf people in a negative way.  I’m always trying to prove to them, prove people wrong by doing what they think deaf people can’t do,” said Justin Patt, Founder, Bakoboy Enterprises. 
Patt was born deaf. 
“Everybody faces obstacles in their lives.  I’ve got a couple more obstacles but that also makes me who I am,” Patt said. 
From a young age he knew he wanted to bridge the gap between those who can hear and those who cannot.
“Raising awareness about deafness, the deaf community here in Bakersfield, is very important,” Patt said. 
In 2010 Patt started Bakoboy Enterprises. 

His goal is to help people with disabilities find employment.
“Our goal is to provide jobs and job opportunities for individuals with disabilities,” Patt said. 
Patt is trying to break down barriers of communication.
He wants everyone to feel comfortable talking to anyone who is deaf.

“My advice is to first remember the most basic form of communication is body language, using gestures.  Don’t be afraid to act out what it is you want to say or tell that person.  Another basic form of communication is pen and paper so writing back and forth, notes, that works out for me.  Beyond that and overtime you begin to pickup different ways of communicating with that person,” Patt said. 
Although, Patt may be deaf, what he is doing in our community is making big noise.
“I think a lot of problems with a lot of people is they don’t actually try hard enough, so I typically tell them to keep trying, even if you fail, you’ll learn something along the way and improve.

Patt was recently honored as the Innovator of the Year by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

If you’d like to hire Patt for a construction or landscaping job send a text to (661) 281-7252.

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