On Saturday, Ryan Stevens will open the gates to a pumpkin patch he’s been preparing for all year.

Stevens, president of Perfectly Natural Farms, started the pumpkin patch last year, in the middle of the pandemic. He wanted to provide families with a place to have some fun, and small businesses with a way to support themselves.

“That’s my biggest inspiration, is the vendors,” Stevens said. “Because when I talk to them, I’m struggling like they’re struggling. And they see that, and it’s all about helping.”

This year, guests will get to experience a pumpkin patch and so much more. Over 8 acres of land will be open to the public, and admission is free. That means people can see pigs, goats, chickens, the greenhouse, and several vegetable patches.

And don’t worry — there are plenty of pumpkins. More than 5,000 of them, according to Stevens.

“We grow all our own pumpkins, too,” Stevens said. “So people can come out here and pick their own pumpkin out and see how it’s grown, and maybe take a little pumpkin plant home and baby it.”

Stevens was born and raised in East Bakersfield, and comes from three generations of farmers. He sees an opportunity to pay homage to his history and improve his town, just by doing what he loves to do.

“There’s people like me out there who really want to give Bakersfield a name for it and really brighten up this side of town,” he said.

Perfectly Natural Farms’ pumpkin patch is located at 15 Fairfax Rd. Gates open tomorrow at 9 a.m., and the patch will be open until sundown. It’s open every Saturday and Sunday until the 31st.