Bakersfield woman honored for being organ donor, her image will be in LA’s Rose Bowl Parade

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Bakersfield community honors a woman who even after death continues to help people and save lives by being an organ donor.

Elizabeth Hartman was 51 years old when she passed away. It was exactly a week from her birthday. She was married for 34 years to her husband Brian Hartman. Elizabeth was an organ donor.

“They told me at the time that Liz helped at least eight people,” Brian Hartman said. “I know someone got her kidneys, somebody got her corneas, they couldn’t use her lungs due to the scoliosis, but I think they used the heart and a bunch of other stuff.”

Brian worked with an artist to create a fluorograph to honor his wife …. that’s a picture made of flowers and other plants. .

“They sent me down at 8 o’clock in the morning with a black and white picture, that picture, and they said make the fluorograph and I just started laughing because it’s a piece of art,” Brian said. “It took us 7 almost 8 hours to do it.”

Elizabeth’s family came together in her honor to complete the fluorograph.

“It’s hard because everyone up there was in tears,” Brian said. “You don’t meet many people that are that well loved. There was almost 300 people at her funeral.”

Elizabeth’s fluorograph will join 40 others on a float that aims to honor deceased donors in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Los Angeles on New Year’s Day.

JJ’s Legacy, a local nonprofit with the goal to educate people about becoming registered organ donors, helped get Elizabeth this recognition. This will be the 11th time JJ’s Legacy has a recognized donor fluorograph in the parade.

“A fluorograph will be on the float,” Lori Malkin the found of JJ’s Legacy said. “It’s a picture of the loved one that they decorate with all natural seeds, flowers, cream of wheat, and chocolate and coco and it will be placed on the float.”

Elizabeth will be honored locally at the JJ Legacy Gala on April 30th, 2022. Brian will be given the fluorograph that was in the parade in memory of Elizabeth.

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