BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — KGET teamed up with the Bakersfield SPCA for the ‘Unleash your love’ event Friday. This fundraiser benefits some of Kern County’s most vulnerable puppies. The Bakersfield SPCA wants to raise $50,000 to renovate its puppy room. Staff members say the room hasn’t been renovated in more than 20 years.

“Our puppy room needs are pretty great. We have serious roof damage, serious wall damage, we have floor damage,” said Julie Johnson, Executive Director of the Bakersfield SPCA. “So that all needs to be replaced. So everything that’s given today is going straight to the puppy room.”

17 News at Sunrise was live at the shelter Friday morning. Video shows parts of the floor held together by duct tape. But local business Michael Flooring stepped up to help, donating entirely new floors.

The giving didn’t stop there. Community members poured in donations throughout the fundraiser. Staff members say thousands of puppies have lived in the puppy room since its last renovation, including about two dozen right now. But staff members say the work is far from over.

“We’re so grateful to this community so far for donating everything they’ve donated. This is going to be a huge help for us,” said Johnson. “We’ve got a long way to go, but I know we’ll get there.”

The fundraiser wrapped up Friday afternoon with a grand total of $23,000, but you can still donate through the weekend. You can make donations online here. Staff members say they’ll release an updated total on Monday. Three-Way Chevrolet matched the first $5,000 in donations. 17 News wants to thank everyone who donated.