BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Bakersfield Police Department recognizes May as National Bicycle Safety Month and thus reminds residents to be mindful of bicyclists while following road safety rules.

Officials suggest bicyclists and motorists follow these important safety tips:


  • Slow down and follow the speed limit.
  • Look carefully for bicyclists and pedestrians before making any turns or opening car doors near streets or bike paths.
  • Maintain a minimum of three feet of space when passing a bicyclist.
  • Never drive distracted or impaired.


  • Use lights at night i.e a front white light and rear red reflector.
  • Always wear a properly secured helmet, especially for bicyclists 18 and younger.
  • Bicyclists must travel like slow-moving cars in the same direction of traffic.
  • Yield to pedestrians just like any motorist would.