BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Bakersfield Police Department’s audible Easter egg hunt returned for its seventh annual Easter event.

The audible egg hunt is aimed towards the blind and visually impaired community of Kern, senior police officer Juan Orozco said.

“To be able to put his on for them makes us feel great … this is why we got into this field, to help others and to make others feel appreciated,” Orozco said.

BPD saw a lack of representation for the special education community when it came to the Easter holiday and officers within the department pitched the idea seven years ago.

Jeremy Brown and his son Landon attended the event. According to Brown the audible egg hunt offers representation for a small community within Kern County.

“It’s actually a really big deal, it’s kind of an emotional thing,” Brown said. “The special education community is very small and this is what they need. It’s a cool event to show them that they are important, their needs are being met and they’re being noticed as well.”