BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The two casualties of Park at River Walk and Truxtun lake bring a wave of death to all the wildlife that call the lakes home.

Wildlife in Truxtun lake is in serious trouble. It’s not just this lake either. The one at the Park at River Walk is in danger too. That includes the turtles.

Wildlife at both Park at River Walk and Truxtun Lakes are dying. This wave of death comes as California’s megadrought continues to hit us here at home.

“It’s worse now than I’ve ever seen it,” Bill Cooper from Bring Back the Kern said. “The lack of water at any time of course is going to impact aquatic species for sure.”

Most of the turtles in the river and lakes are actually pet store turtles according to Bring Back the Kern. They will dig under the mud when the water recedes to stay cool but this can lead to their death.

“Most of them will die,” Richard O’Neil the President of Kern River Parkway Foundation said. “The bird life, those that are lucky enough to fly away, they’ll find a place but most of them will die.”

People are worried about turtle lives and some are doing something about it themselves.

“I think some people are really concerned and they take turtles and relocate them and that sort of thing,” Cooper said.

The wildlife at the Park at River Walk shares the same fate.

“I come here almost every day and it’s very sad to see the animals dying, the people no longer visiting, no more kids, no more people enjoying the creek and the lakes,” Ernesto Garcia said.

“We’re in a big drought now and we understand that but there’s water in the river folks,” Cooper said. “People with the city of Bakersfield own a lot of that Kern river water and we’re not seeing it.”

Bakersfield officials said they’re working with an environmental group to choose the best plan to save the wildlife.