Bakersfield Heart Hospital honors nurse for her special bond with a patient

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Twice a year, Bakersfield Heart Hospital gives the Daisy Award to an outstanding nurse.

Three nurses were nominated this month by patients, patient family members, or hospital staff: Leslie Nieto, Jennifer Garcia, and Jamie Davis.

Davis on the award because of the special bond she formed with Robbie Boardman, one of her patients.

In October 2018, Boardman spent several days in the hospital after open-heart surgery.

He calls it the scariest period of his life.

“She held my hand until I fell asleep,” he said of Davis.

From then on, an unlikely friendship formed—largely based on humor.

“I asked her if she’d done this before, and she said no—this was her first day. She’d just been promoted from the janitorial staff,” Boardman laughed. “Every time that I woke up or was in my room, she was there. She came in after her work, throughout her work, checked on me when she found out I was here.”

Davis has been a nurse at Bakersfield Heart Hospital for 20 years, keeping a pulse on compassion.

“It’s worth it,” Davis said. “At the end of that day, it was one of my best days and probably one of his worst days.”

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