BAKERSFIELD, Ca. (KGET) — Worsening drought conditions have driven the California Water Service (Cal Water) to request Bakersfield to move to Stage 2 of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the utility announced in a press release.

Tamara Johnson, Bakersfield District manager, said, ““We also want our Bakersfield customers to know that we are here to help them reduce their water use as we face increasingly serious drought conditions.”

The most updated contingency plan went into effect in July. Read the full document below.

Stage 2 restrictions include:

  • Outdoor landscape water limits to two days per week between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. with even address numbers allowed to water on Wednesday and Sunday and odd address numbers allowed to water on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Outdoor landscape watering may not be done until 48 hours after measurable rainfall.
  • A five day maximum period for any leaks, breaks or malfunctions on plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems.
  • Cars may be only be washed with a hose that has a shutoff nozzle.
  • Water may not be used on driveways or sidewalks unless it is for health and safety purposes.
  • Restaurants may only serve water upon request.
  • Hotels must give guests the option not to have their towels and linens laundered daily.

If approved, Stage 2 will go into effect Dec. 14.

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Cal Water will host a public meeting to discuss the restrictions of Stage 2 and on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at Kaiser Permanente Sports Village Stadium, 9001 Ashe Road in Bakersfield. Masks and social distancing will be required.

The meeting will also discuss Cal Water’s conservation programs.

Cal Water’s Bakersfield District serves 286,310 people through service connections and 152,000 people through an operations and maintenance contract with the City of Bakersfield, according to the release.