BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Bak-Anime returned with thousands of fans flooding the Kern County Fair Grounds throughout the weekend.

People from all over California came to nerd out on some of their favorite shows and characters for this year’s Bak-Anime convention. Fans also got to meet the actors bringing these characters to life.

One of the most well known, Vic Mignogna voiced more than 400 characters in his 20-year career.

“I have no words, honestly,” Vic Mignogna said. “I never take for granted the kindness or support of people… All these people that are taking their time out of their days to come and see me I could not be more humble or grateful.”

Anime are Japanese cartoons. Most popular ones are Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Pokémon. Speaking of Pokémon, the voice actor for the 20 plus year and running show was at the convention meeting fans.

“I have to think about that all the time because it doesn’t even occur to me in my daily life I’m affecting so many people because I live in a little booth that’s where I do the work and I don’t really see anybody,” Sarah Natochenny the voice actor for Ash Ketchum in Pokémon said. “But coming out to the anime convention I get to meet everybody and it really dons on me that I’m really having a huge effect and it’s amazing.”

The convention hosted an array of vendors selling collectible figures, plushies and custom art. The convention also had a gaming room and panels on different topics. But it isn’t just the fans that are excited about conventions.

“We don’t get to meet the fans very often,” James Mathis III the voice actor for Black Panther from marvel’s Black Panther’s Quest said. “When we do the work it just goes out into the universe and we really never know how it’s received so to be able to have time and spend time with fans who really want to meet us we want to meet them just as much.”

A definite fan favorite attraction were the Itasha. These are cars decorated with Japanese anime characters.

Bakersfield Comic-Con is expected in November while the anime convention will return next year.