BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — As we await potential floods in the Central Valley from accelerated snowmelt, officials are urging residents to know their risks and prepare.

“A lot of individuals think that FEMA will come in and provide money that’s going to make them whole again,” FEMA Public Affairs Representative Frank Mansell said. “The FEMA funding for a declared disaster is basically to help you get on your feet.”

Mansell added not all floods receive a federal declaration, leaving residents to recover on their own. He also stressed just how much damage water can do.

“One inch of water in your home will cause $25,000 damage,” Mansell said. “If your home is flooded you will see things like live wires, broken gas mains, you could have reptiles that are dangerous still living there.”

Officials stress that financial and physical danger from floods also comes when you take the road.

“We don’t realize what is underneath that flooded roadway and people need to understand only six inches of being in a flooded roadway can actually start stalling your vehicle and keep you from continuing on your way,” Bakersfield California Highway Patrol Officer Tomas Martinez said.

Automobile Club of Southern California Corporate Communications Manager Doug Shupe added water could be hiding dangerous debris or potholes and six inches of water could be enough to cause expensive damages to a car.

“Six inches of water is also enough to hit the bottom of your vehicle, passenger cars in particular, and that would flood the exhaust,” Shupe said. “Vehicles that become flooded often have to have very costly repairs.”