TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KGET) — Officials expect a raging wildfire season, as the state’s wildfires are outpacing last year’s record-breaking season. One fire erupted this morning in Tehachapi … and the cause is somewhat ironic. First responders were called to the so-called Arosa Fire at about 9:00 Thursday morning. Josey Brooks lives next to the area that burned.

“I never thought that I would have a fire right next door,” said Josey Brooks, a Tehachapi resident. “Just coming in and seeing all the smoke, we were really scared, hoping nothing would burn down.”

The blaze came close to her family’s farm.

“We had to go and get all the animals from up top,” said Julian Bracken, a Tehachapi resident. “It feels good that we didn’t have anybody hurt or lose anything. It was just scary to see that so close to our home.”

Firefighters say the flames broke out when a resident was cutting grass to reduce the risk of fires. County fire sent in helicopters and several engines to knock it down. The fire is now 100 percent contained, after scorching about six acres and threatening nearly two-dozen buildings.

“Winds were a factor in pushing the fire up to the top of the hill,” said Jason Schillinger, a Battalion Chief with the Kern County Fire Dept. “When the fire’s going uphill, the terrain’s a factor because now it’s going to spread all different directions.”

Firefighters say you should clear a defensible space around your home to stay safe from wildfires.
For more fire safety tips and emergency alerts, you can visit the state’s website, readyforwildfire.org.