BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — On Wednesday, President Biden launched — a one-stop-shop website for testing sites, masks, antiviral pills, and more.

The President’s focus on COVID-19 comes as a new variant known as BA.2 is emerging, members of the White House staff test positive, and on the backdrop of the FDA and CDC’s approval of a second booster shot for immunocompromised and older people.

China is now calling for its biggest lockdown in two years. As of Monday, the country reported nearly 12,000 new infections. Cases are also spiking closer to home, with L.A. County also reporting an uptick in infections attributed to BA.2.

We wanted to know: Are you concerned the U.S. will see another surge in COVID-19 cases?

A slight majority of respondents said they are not concerned about another surge in cases.

Over COVID talk already, let’s all move on.

Janet Hovestadt, Facebook user

Everyone just needs to get into the idea that you will eventually get COVID regardless of your position on masks, and vaccination status.

Michael Marler, Facebook user