Are blue light glasses right for your child?

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — As Kern Country kids embark on yet another month of distance learning, many students are complaining of headaches and poor sleep due to unprecedented screen time. Some families are buying blue light glasses to combat the adverse effects that come with an increase in computer time.

Krystyn Moore said her children had experienced physical discomfort due to the long hours of distance learning.

“My youngest son rubs his eyes a lot of he’s staring at the computer,” said Moore.

After learning about the potentially harmful effects surrounding increased screen time, she decided to buy a blue light blocking glasses for her children.

“I bought all four of them a pair,” said Moore. “The glasses have become a part of their routine; they don’t get on the computer without them.”

Dr. Vin Dang, an Optometrist with Empire Eye and Laser Center, has had an influx of patients concerned about blue light. He says while the jury is “still out” on the longterm implications of increased screen time, early studies do seem to suggest a correlation between prolonged exposure to blue light and eye damage.

“The evidence in terms of blue light has been shown to cause Macular Degeneration in some cases,” said Dr. Dang.

However, the eye doctor cautions families purchasing retail blue light blocking glasses to spend smartly.

“Many of the pairs you find on sites like Amazon aren’t blocking the right blue light,” said Dr. Dang. “Prolonged use of these glasses can lead to other issues, including disruption of your circadian rhythm, mood changes, and depression.”

Instead, Dang recommends kids with eye irritation from increased technology use try natural remedies. The most crucial is taking routine breaks in between classes.

If the issues persist, he says, make an appointment with an Optometrist to see if your child needs a professional-grade pair blue light blocking glasses.

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