BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Apple Core Project celebrated a special milestone this week with the grand opening of phase one of its new Community Hub in Old Town Kern.

The Apple Core Project is a local nonprofit whose mission is to address food insecurity in Kern by offering hands-on education classes and distributing food.

The project’s Grace Street Garden is located near the corner of Baker and Bernard streets, near Bakersfield Recovery Services, which also coordinates with the Apple Core Project. The new hub will be used as a food pantry, and educational center and serve as a model for future food pantries.

The nonprofit was founded by Jaclyn Allen in 2012 and runs with the help of partner organizations.

“Yeah, we just keep getting better as we learn all these hard lessons… I think we all speak the language of food, you know, so let’s just keep feeding each other, whether it’s knowledge or food or just inspiration,” Allen said.

According to Allen, the Apple Core Project is meeting neighbors and vice versa. She added the project is finding the holes in the neighborhood and hopefully can continue to improve them and be part of a long-term solution.