BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Monday was just another day at the office for the people at T&T Liberty Safes. Then a man came in and started doing a very strange pantomime.

It took a few seconds for the employees to solve the communication confusion. Deanna Turner, whose late husband started the business 30 years ago, said the man burst in suddenly, waving his arms and shouting – in Spanish.

Outside, in the parking lot, a woman was about to give birth. About to — as in now.

Turner and two other employees, Debra Van Camp and Debbie Skaggs, raced outside and went into action. Debra called 911.

“Hi, we have a lady in our parking lot having a baby,” Van Camp calming informed the dispatcher.

“I come running out and I see this lady is on her knees,” Turner said. “And the other little lady was (trying to hold her steady from behind). And the baby just started coming out.”

Turner would have been all too happy to turn things over to firefighters or EMTs but there was no time for that. This would not be one of those prolonged labors. 

“I got over the mother and I caught the baby like this,” Turner said, kneeling on the asphalt.

While Van Camp continued to take instruction from the 911 dispatcher, Turner wrapped the infant in towels for warmth.

“How is the mother doing?,” the dispatcher asked.

“The mother is on all fours in the parking lot,” Van Camp answered.

“OK, let her know that help is on the way,” the dispatcher said.

The dispatcher spoke to the unidentified man who was with the pregnant woman; he had been frantically pacing around the parking lot. A Spanish interpreter came on the line to calm him.

Minutes later emergency responders arrived and immediately took over. They checked mother and infant – both appeared to be fine – and whisked them away.

“We were mother hens,” Skaggs said. “We just wanted to take over and take care of it. But (I) sure was glad to see the fire department show up.”

“It was an experience,” Turner said. “You have to try it sometime.”

Deanna, Debbie and Debra didn’t get a chance to ask the visitors their names, and they didn’t even get a look at the infant’s sex. They’re just happy they were able to pitch in and be emergency midwives for an hour or so.

“We were glad we were here to help,” Skaggs said.

So, wherever you are, little fella or little gal, just know that the people at T&T Liberty Safes are happy that you’re safe.